Ilya Suprun
27 may, 1985
+7 (903) 509-70-75
Main skills:
  • Communication management
  • GR campaign
  • PR and advertising campaigns for public companies and business
  • Marketing research in B2B and B2C sectors
  • Interaction with Federal networks media and other media channels in order to embed information
  • Producing and directing commercials, feature films and television programs
Fields of activity:

Marketing in the B2B and B2C sector
PR and GR
Professional experience:

Director of strategic communications
Communication Manager
PR Director
Creative Director
Executive producer
Director of photography
Art Director
Film editor
Partners and places of work:

Бизнес Молодость - marketing and production of content for YouTube channel
AFK "System" - the Fund's "Lift to the future" - PR & GR strategy
Rybakov Fund, a venture capital and educational programs - PR strategy
Te Locale - Founder of creative and production agency
Derzhava, production company - production of a feature film, producer and screenwriter
Ad O'clock, adverticement agency - producer, director, creative director
Media Arts Group, marketing agency, DTVMA production agency - producer of commercials
MultimediaProm, production company - producer and director for commercials
World Fashion Channel, TV channel - producer and chief director of the channel
LOOK FILM production company - the production of a feature film - executive producer
DT Group, production company - executive producer
Russia 2, TV - producer, director, cinematographer
STS TV-channel - director, producer, post-production
TV 3, TV - producer, director
SCIENCE 2.0, TV - director, film editor
SVYAZNOY group of companies - general producer and creative director for the commercials
SEASONS publishing
- director, film editor for advertising video
PR and content marketing for the "Бизнес Молодость
Creation and production of content for the YouTube channel as a tool for PR company
PR and GR strategies for the Fund AFK Sistema - "Lift to the future"
Formation and promotion of venture and education programs
PR, GR escorts
Content marketing
Rybakov Found
PR and GR strategy
Strategic communications
Chechen Republic

Project of communication support for the Chechen Republic in the framework of the National rating of investment climate in subjects of the Russian Federation and political forums.

Communication program for initiatives of the region in political and cultural programs.
Production and PR
MTSRB - international Business Development Center and the Association of "Power"

  • PR program in the framework of the program: "the Confidence of the business community - the future of Russia"
  • development of a feature film in the ideology of entrepreneurship support.

The announcement of the presentation in the Kremlin
Movie trailer
Sochi. Olympic village. Resort area "Imeretinsky"
By request of LLC "Rogsibal", entering into Group of companies "Basic Element" project to develop of infrastructure of the resort district of Imeretinsky for food and eating places retail trade.

The conclusion of offers by Greek ship-owner Kiriacoulis Mediterranean of the lease and sale of yachts in the Mediterranean to the Russian market

Development proposals for the lease and purchase of yachts for the Russian consumers in partnership with the Greek ship owner Kiriacoulis Mediterranean and tourist operators in Moscow.


Production on the territory of the Russian Federation and sale in sports equipment. The organization of the school for players and buyers of the brand.
PR and Commercials
Development and production advertising companies:

The World championship by Water kinds of sports in Russia
By order of the Republic of Tatarstan - development and production of media for the World Championship by water kinds of sports for the Federal broadcasting.

Pension Fund of the Russian Federation
Full cycle of production of 6 video clips about pension reform in Russia - preproduction, production. Namely: development of text information, computer graphics and videography.

Private companies and social funds customers. Examples:

Svyaznoy, Independent Media Sanoma Magazines publishing house, Artcom Media Group - SnC Magazine - publishing house, Seasons Project - a publishing house, Tissot Watch, Bonolit, Intercity, Jameson, etc. Bonolit development company,, Fashion Week in Moscow, the Exhibition project - Russian Maritime

Customers / Partners:

Media Arts Group - advertising Agency
Ad O'clock - advertising Agency
DTVMA Production - production company
Multimediaprom - production company
Look Film production company,
DT Group - production company
Creative producer and chief Director of the international cable channel network
World Fashion Channel

  • development of commersials
  • introduction of new TV broadcast formats and program content
  • cooperation with commercial partners
  • development and production of studio and location shows
  • staged and reportage photography
Producer, Director and film editor on TV
Russia 2

"Все включено" show
Weekday broadcasts of the channel.
Audience reach more than 90 million viewers

CTC, TV3, SCIENCE 2.0, Simple Science Tv channels

Scenario development and production of feature and documentary films, TV shows
Examples of jobs in advertising, media production, directing and cinematography:
Feature film "Let it be"
Feature film "Let it be"

The essence of the project:
A project to promote entrepreneurial activities in the historical aspect.
Full-length feature film.
Genre: drama
The film was commissioned and supported by the International centre for the Development of Business and enterprises "Power"

The author of the idea. Writer. Producer

Russia 2035 – a strong, multinational, beautiful, original and still understandable only to those who believe in it. Rapid breakthrough in the technology, the will and mind of the people brought Russia in the late 2010's and early 2020-ies to the world leaders. Pole development has shifted to the East, where preserved spirituality and culture, courage and beauty, honor and conscience.
The protagonist Nikita Morozov (Ivan Kolesnikov) world-renowned scientist and analyst at the peak of his career, he's smart and successful. Institute where he works specialize on the analysis and management of crisis situations. The main character has almost everything: interesting job, good friends, great team, power, influence and money. But one day his life will completely change because of the feeling for girlfriend and the betrayal of a friend.
The characters of the film will make they choice between the imaginary and the real, between honesty and meanness, and everyone will see the benefit in their own way.
The World championship of Water sports 2015-2017
The World championship of Water sports

International marketing Agency Media Arts Group

Production company:
DTVMA production

The essence of the project:
An international project, representing the Russian Federation, as the organizer of the world Championship on water sports in 2015.
Director: Rupert Wainwright



  • maintaining production of series of international commercials
  • administration interaction between all production departments of the production company and work with the local administration on the filming locations.
  • logistics production
  • work within the artistic group
  • cooperation with TV channels for working with footages
  • casting for the part of the Director group
  • work at the stage of post-production: delivery of material for subsequent installation in the production company of Director
Federal project for Pension Fund of the Russian Federation
Federal project for Pension Fund of the Russian Federation

The essence of the project:
Development and filming 6 movies to the Pension Fund of Russia about pension reform in 2015 for broadcast on the Federal television network.

Producer. Creative Director. Director


  • The formation of the technical assignment with the customer team
  • Directing videos
  • Copywriting. The development of textual information about the content of the pension reform for use by the Fund in its media channels.
  • Development of graphic solutions of video clips to display the essence of the reform thesis and optimally for the target audience.
  • Build team: crew, art Directors, technical and design departments.
  • Video production at all stages
  • Preparation and placement of videos on TV channels
World Fashion Channel
International satellite and cable TV channel about fashion, lifestyle and celebrities. The channel broadcasts around the world, has two versions: Russian and international.
Russian broadcasting: more than 30 million viewers
World broadcasting: more than 22 million viewers

The chief Director of the channel. Executive producer


The essence of the project:
The company BONOLIT - construction material manufacturer since 2007.
We developed the company's promo video, which allows to convey the basic properties of its products to the widest audience. Without delving into technical details.

Director, writer, Executive producer.
Commercial for TISSOT WATCH
Commercial for TISSOT WATCH


The essence of the project:
Watch brand TISSOT has introduced a new line of models with touch screen T-TOUCH.
The presentation took place at the opening of mono-brand boutique in the TSUM store.
The new store presents classic models of the watch brand featuring a slim body and a special pendulum mechanism.

Director, producer.

The essence of the project:
Development and production of commersial for the group of companies "Svyaznoy".
Create a Bank of images for use in various company communications. Format - photo.

General producer, creative Director.


  • The development of the format of the image project for the company, respectively by specifications of brandbook
  • The creation of the concept of photography
  • Preparation of technical specifications of the project together with the customer (to enable customer to adjust specifications at the stage of production)
  • Smachivanie specifications
  • The creation of composite sketches (storyboard)
  • Holding of tenders among contractors (photographers, photo studios, lessors of equipment, casting agencies, stylists, makeup artists and the performers at the stage of post-production)
  • Casting
  • The development of individual models style
  • Forming equipment for the film space, providing a set
  • Staging the delivery of material to the customer at the stage of production
  • Control the execution of specifications and terms of post-production
  • Set equipment: Hasselblad
TV Channel Russia 2
TV Channel Russia 2

The essence of the project:
TV program "All inclusive" ("Все включено")

Producer. Director


  • The development of the format of the program
  • The formation of a new shooting pavilion in the Studio on Shabolovka
  • The creation of a new concept of TV program on the basis of a new Studio in collaboration with the editors and General producer
  • The creation of a new graphic design program in collaboration with experts in CG
  • Adjustment program script
  • Production work with the operators of the TV program
  • Control ensure operation of the TV station and Movement Television Station technical basis
  • Artistic solutions for loghtning
  • Planning and control of filming, and all stages of post-production
  • The compilation of installation sheets
  • Editing materials in collaboration with the film editor and sound designers
  • Delivery of material to the channel in compliance with all technical parameters of the channel to broadcast on air
TV channel SCIENCE 2.0
TV channel SCIENCE 2.0

A creative producer. Director

TV program "Elementary" ( "Элементарно" )
Program theme: popular science, technologies, objects, phenomena.
Weekly program.


  • Development and production of television programs.
  • The creation of the concept of the program, together with the General producer and the author-editor
  • Conducting coordination with the chief Director of the TV channel
  • The formation of a calendar production plan
  • Selection and control of our production and post-production team (including designers computer graphics)
  • Design and technical specifications for a computer graphics program
  • Administrative work with representatives of the shooting locations
  • Direction of installation
  • Directly involved in all stages of post-production: input and output video, input computer graphics, sound engineering, sound
Festival of SEASONS publishing house
Festival of SEASONS publishing house

Annual festivals of the Seasons publishing house is an event for those who are fascinated with the Boho style, for those who are looking for ideas in design, European kitchen, or just a light mood.

The essence of the project:
Shooting festival Seasons publishing house for use in various communications.

Director, cinematographer, film editor


The essence of the project:
Commersial of Armasell

Producer, Director, cinematographer, film editor
DT GROUP Production company
Full circle media production

Executive producer

In the course of project management:

  • the formation of technical tasks for the crew, CG supervisors, and postproduction department
  • budgeting, smachivanie
  • the formation of the shooting crew
  • administrative support of the shooting process
  • technical support control
  • control the execution time of all departments work processes
  • control input and output of information
  • delivery and reporting of the final material
TV3 Channel
TV3 Channel

The show "the Paranormal zone"

The essence of the project:
The development and production of the shows for TV3 channel

A creative producer. Director


  • The formation of the concept of the TV series
  • The selection of the crew: cameramen, sound, light, costume designers, makeup artists, props people, the locations, the casting
  • The formation of shooting equipment
  • Pricing of shooting process
  • Control of execution of all video production departments
  • Editorial work with the author and screenwriter of the project
  • Directing
  • Directing of photography
STS TV Channel
STS TV Channel

Production company:
TV format

The essence of the project:
Television project "Galileo"

Director. Producer postproduction.

Simple Science Youtube​ Channel
"Simple Science" Youtube Channel

The essence of the project:
To develop a format and style of videos for the new Internet channel

Director. Director of installation. Producer postproduction.

Assembly and sound clip.

Channel Simple Science says about scientific phenomena in non-scientific form. We have developed video for the pilot. A composer and sound producer: Anton Garkin
SNC Magazine
Subject advertising photography

A creative producer. Photographer

The website edition:
Fashion shoots
A creative producer. Photographer

Photographing for model agencies and magazines
Photo of meals by SuperPie
A creative producer. Photographer

Take pictures of meals by company SuperPie for use in promotional materials